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The United Nations VR Escape Room is a virtual reality escape room based on the UN's SDG #14: Life Under Water.

The game is about a researcher sent by the UN to investigate the death of the coral riefs. Underwater, unfortunately, the submarine crashes and now you, as the scientist, must get the sub operational to escape. To do so, you must use the clues found in the environment of the room and based on the research conducted to resolve the puzzles you are faced with.

Fair Warning: This is an early prototype that has no win condition, menu or tutorial implemented. Also fairly unoptimized, be wary of low framerates.



  • Hold the face button to teleport. 
  • Use the grip button to grab items.
  • Use the side grip button to call objects to your hand by pointing at them.
  • Look behind you to skip the intro and make sure you press the button all the way.


    SDG14_Submarine_Exhibition.zip 761 MB
    SDG14_Submarine_Exhibition.zip - Mirror

    Install instructions

    Download: just click on the file and it should lead you to a download where it'll automatically be downloaded.

    Install: (currently only available for Windows 64-bit)

    Short: Download and extract the archive (.zip), navigate to the .exe and run it.


    1. Right-click the downloaded file.
    2. Click 'Extract All...'
    3. Navigate to where you want to extract the files.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions
    5. Once done, open the folder to where the files were extracted, and continue until you come across 'WindowsNoEditor'
    6. Double-click on the 'Submarine' file to launch the game.
    7. Have fun!

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